• Sapphire Information


    Sapphire Position Statement


    In an effort to enhance the school and parent partnership, Mountain View School District has implemented an electronic student information system (SIS) called Sapphire. Sapphire is a web-based product that allows school district faculty and staff to make attendance, discipline, gradebook, and family demographic information available to parents/guardians and students. It gives parents a direct line of communication to administration, teachers, and counselors. Sapphire can be accessed on any device with an Internet browser. These devices include desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    How do I access Sapphire?

    The recommended way to access Sapphire is by navigating to the Sapphire Access Icon on the right of the screen and clicking on the Community Portal.  You can also click on Sapphire Parent Access in the upper left of this page. It is not recommended that you attempt to access Sapphire via a search engine such as Google. The reason for this is because other neighboring school districts also use Sapphire and the wrong sign-in page may inadvertantly be accessed.

    Lost passwords? 

    For security reasons, the district will not disclose password information over the phone or via email. Parents who have lost their passwords may retrieve them by clicking on the "Forgot Your Password?" link on the Sapphire parent portal. If you are experiencing other difficulties accessing Sapphire, please send an email containing your name, your child's name and a detailed description to  sapphirehelp [at] mvsd [dot] net . Please make sure that you are using the email address that is associated with your Sapphire account. For security purposes, emails from another account will not be answered.

    Where can I access my child's grades, attendance, demographic information, and discipline information?

    You may access your child's grades, attendance, demographic and discipline information by navigating the Sapphire Access Icon on the right of the screen and clicking on the Commpunity Portal.  You can also click on Sapphire Parent Access in the upper left of this page.

    Where can I access my child's food service account?

    Food service information is now being handled our new Meal Magic program. To access this information, you will navigate to the Parent tab of this website and click the Send Money to School link. This will take you to a page to either sign in to view the information or sign up for an account.

    If I do not have a computer at home or work, how can I access Sapphire to see my child's progress?

    Sapphire can be accessed from any device with an Internet browser. This includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. If you do not have any of these devices, you may go to a local library or friend's home that has internet access.

     After an assignment or assessment is given, how soon can I expect to see a grade posted on Sapphire?

    This may vary depending on the teacher and the type of assignment or assessment given. All teachers will be entering grades on a regular basis. Grading guidelines/policies are listed on each individual teacher's webpage. You may access an individual teacher's webpage by clicking on the Academic Departments link on the high school home page or the Grade Levels/Departments link on the elementary school home page.

    Should the grade I see in Sapphire be the grade on the report card?

    Not necessarily. The Sapphire program is intended to show progress of the students at the present time. It may not be indicative of the final grade on the report card. All grades and assignments will be posted in a timely and regular fashion by the teachers.

    I have questions about the assignments and grades that my child received in a particular class.  What should I do?

    The Mountain View School District faculty and administration encourage you to contact your child's teacher with questions about assignments and grades. Teachers may be contacted via email, phone, written note or by requesting a parent teacher conference.  


    Why am I not receiving notification messages from the school?


    We encourage everyone who has children enrolled to subscribe to our notification system. It is used to notify parents of upcomming events, weather closings and delays, COVID-19 information and much more. If you are not receiving phone, email or text notifications as they go out, you may log into your Sapphire Community Portal account to make sure that you are subscribed. Below, you will find instructions to where these subscription settings are located. While you are logged into the portal, it is a good idea to make sure that your phone numbers and email addresses are correct as well. 


    1. Log into your Sapphire account

    2. Click your username in the upper, right corner.

    3. Click on Account Settings.

    4. Click on the Notifications tab on the left side.

    5. Under the "Sapphire Notifications Subscriptions" section, you will see the various notification categories, along with a toggle switch to turn the notification subscriptions on or off. If the switch is toggled blue, you are subscribed and will receive those notifications.