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  • Thank you for your interest in the Mountain View School District.  For your convenience, information packets have been assembled below.  Please find the packet of information which correlates with the job you are applying for and fill the packet out in its entirety.  The first page of the packet contains a check-list to help you track the completion of your paperwork.   Incomplete packets will not be accepted and a position is not considered applied for until a complete packet is received.  Please feel free to contact Barbara Maxon,  Human Resources Coordinator, with any questions you may have regarding the paperwork.  Upon completion of paperwork, please contact Barbara Maxon ( 570-434-8413) to make arrangements for your packet to be reviewed.  Applications will only be accepted in the District Office by Barbara Maxon.  Please note that every category will need to print the separate W-4 and 403(b) form and include it in the completed packet when submitted.  Upon completion, all documents need to be submitted at one time.