• Taxes and Tax Collectors


    Brooklyn Township

    Shaun Holtsmaster

    3253 Wickizer Road

    Kingsley, PA  18826

    (570) 289-4702 (home) 


    Email: smholt@epix.net

    Clifford Township

    Jan Price

    P.O. Box 63

    Clifford, PA 18413

    (570) 222-4210 (call to fax)

    Email: pricetc@nep.net

    Gibson Township

    Linda Sivers

    11503 SR 92

    South Gibson, PA 18842

    (570) 756-2622 (home)

    Email: Gibsontwptaxcollector@gmail.com

    Harford Township

    Jessica Miller

    334 Miller Rd

    New Milford, PA 18834

    (570) 434-2364 (home) 

    Cell - 780-0724

    Email: jessicae.miller@yahoo.com

    Hop Bottom Borough

    Veronica Bradley

    115 N. Center St.

    Hop Bottom, PA 18824

    (570) 289-4578 

    Email: vbradley.tc@gmail.com 

    Lathrop Township

    Sharon Kress

    1598 SR 2002

    Nicholson, PA  18446

    (570) 942-4121 (home)

    Email: srkress100@hotmail.com

    Lenox Township


    Christine Henke

    6660 State Route 92

    Kingsley, PA  18826

    (570) 222-2072 (home)

    (570) 222-2205 (fax)



    Earned Income


    P.O. Box 25143

    Lehigh Valley, Pa 18002-5113

    (866) 701-7206


    (610) 599-3136

    Delinquent Per Capita & Delinquent Occupation

    G.H. Harris Associates

    Box 216

    Dallas, Pa 18612

    (570) 639-5005


    (570) 639-1481

    Delinquent Real Estate

    Susquehanna County Treasurer
    31 Lake Avenue
    PO Box 218
    Montrose, Pa. 18801-0218


    Real Estate, Per Capita, and Occupational Taxes

    Local tax collectors collect real estate taxes, per capita taxes, and occupational taxes. Taxes paid between July 1 and August 31 receive a discount of 2%. Taxes paid between September 1 and October 31 are paid at face. Taxes paid between November 1 and December 31 have a 10% penalty added.

    Tax Collectors

    From January 1 and after, unpaid taxes are delinquent. The Susquehanna County Tax Claim Bureau collects delinquent real estate taxes plus penalties. The phone number is 570-278-4600 ext. 312.

    G. H. Harris, Dallas, PA collects delinquent per capita and occupational taxes plus penalties. G. H. Harris' phone number is 1-800-836-1331.

    Act 72

    The Homeowner's Property Relief Act is commonly called Act 72. Act 72 was designed to provide property tax relief to resident homeowners. The property tax relief is not immediate. It will only occur if the Mountain View School District chooses to participate and the State certifies that it has enough revenue from the yet to be constructed gambling sites to offset the lost local revenue from reduced property taxes. The School Board is working very hard to study the pros and cons of participating in Act 72.

    Earned Income Taxes

    The Mountain View School District is located in Harford Township. The school district has a one-half of one percent (.005) earned income tax and the township has a one-half of one percent (.005) earned income tax. As an employer, the school district deducts one percent (.01) earned income tax from each employee and transmits the tax to Berkheimer Tax Administrator. Berlheimer acts as a clearinghouse sending earned income tax monies to the localities where people reside. If an employee lives in a Pennsylvania locality without an earned income tax or lives out of state, Berkheimer sends the one percent tax to Harford Township. Berkheimer also collects delinquent earned income taxes plus penalties. The phone number for Berkheimer is 1-866-701-7206.